OHKZ will open a new paradigm for global healthcare.

About Us

Thank you for considering OHKZ, where we offer top-tier medical services through a team of world-class healthcare professionals.

Our medical institution is equipped with exceptional experts, cutting-edge medical equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities to create a conducive environment for precise diagnostics and effective treatments. Our philosophy revolves around delivering optimal solutions tailored to individual needs based on the excellence of Korean medical services.

We’ve established a system that accurately diagnoses and treats a wide range of diseases, from minor ailments like the common cold to major illnesses such as various types of cancer, adhering to global standards of Korean healthcare systems. Over the past five years since the establishment of MPK Clinic in 2018, we’ve provided training for local healthcare professionals, ensuring that the medical services here align closely with those in Korea. With 10+ medical specialties, we’ve performed over 100,000 treatments, bringing tangible improvements to healthcare delivery.

Furthermore, our MPK Diagnostic Center has conducted approximately 300 types of tests since 2019, performing around 300,000 tests annually. In early 2020, we took the initiative in conducting COVID-19 tests in Kazakhstan, providing testing services for public and private hospitals.

Now, with collaboration with the Seegene Medical Foundation and the invaluable experience gained by MPK Clinic over the years, we proudly present a new comprehensive healthcare brand, OHKZ (OPEN Healthcare Kazakhstan). This brand is built on the foundation of Korean-style diagnostic testing centers, medical services, health screening centers, and self-testing programs, with the goal of introducing a new paradigm for a highly advanced global medical system that can contribute to the health and happiness of humanity through precise diagnostics and innovative research and development.

Our medical team and experts continually engage in ongoing education, staying updated with the latest research to provide the best possible care for your health.

With our services, we aim to contribute to your journey towards a healthier life.

Thank you.

OPEN Healthcare Kazakhstan