Why do we need a second opinion?

Have you been diagnosed with a serious illness? Are you considering surgery?
Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, are considering surgery,
need answers to medical questions, want to reaffirm a diagnosis,
need help deciding on a treatment plan, or want guidance on the latest treatments,
a second opinion can help you make informed, confident decisions and give you peace of mind.

Get a second opinion from 
a world-class Korean doctor.

The second opinion service provided by OHKZ is conveniently conducted non-face-to-face, 
and OHKZ doctors will help you with everything 
from translating and interpreting medical records, issuing prescriptions, 
and creating treatment plans. 
A second opinion can help you get the best possible treatment plan, 
reducing treatment risks and lowering treatment costs.

Convenient usage procedure

편리한 이용절차
  • 01Choosing a doctor

    Choose a doctor and tell us about your health status along with your medical records.

  • 02Calendar check

    OHKZ experts translate medical records and coordinate schedules with Korean doctors.

  • 03Pre-review

    Korean doctors and OHKZ doctors will review your medical records in advance.

  • 04Therapy consultation

    A Korean doctor, an OHKZ doctor, and an interpreter will provide you with the optimal treatment plan through video consultation. Let me explain.

Best medical staff

Introducing verified medical staff

OHKZ CLINIC’s medical staff is with you to ensure accurate diagnosis and satisfactory results.


Heesuk Min

Collaborative Partners


Is it difficult to choose a doctor? Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, we will respond quickly.