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Family medicine

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Family medicine is a medical specialization that is aimed at comprehensive care, diagnosis and treatment of both individual patients and their families. Family medicine doctors provide continuous care and comprehensive treatment to patients, regardless of age and health status. Our Family Medicine department provides a wide range of medical services, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, patient management and counseling.

Taking into account the family history, lifestyle, profession, environment and other factors, we assess the health status of both individual patients and the family, and after a comprehensive assessment of the physical, psychological and social aspects of the patient, we propose measures necessary for the prevention of diseases.

We also carry out diagnostics and control in case of various diseases. Regardless of whether it is a common disease, a chronic condition or requires specialized medical care, we provide appropriate diagnostics and provide consultation and comprehensive treatment. Chronic diseases require constant care and attention, so we comprehensively treat chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and others. We also monitor the patient’s health and take the necessary measures. We cooperate with specialists from other fields to provide the best possible treatment methods as needed.

In our Family Medicine department, we pay special attention to interaction with patients and their families, providing psychological support and counseling. We advise on family relationships, stress management, and health-related issues. From early childhood to a happy old age, we are ready to be a reliable partner in supporting the health of your family.

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