The second opinion service provided by OHKZ is conveniently conducted non-face-to-face.
If you register your desired doctor and desired appointment date, we will confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

Second Opinion

Through telecounseling, you can receive a wide range of medical services from OHKZ international consultants, such as advice on common illnesses, in-depth diagnoses, medication prescriptions, diagnostic guidelines, health management recommendations, and nutritional counseling.

Online appointments can be made by contacting OHKZ Clinic directly or through our website. Afterward, our staff will confirm the schedule with OHKZ international consultants.

OHKZ’s telecounseling services enable consultations with OHKZ Clinic physicians and international consultants through real-time online sessions. Additionally, you can also visit OHKZ Clinic in person for consultations with the international consultants.

Telecounselings can effectively address many diagnoses and treatments. However, they may not be suitable for critical conditions, emergency situations, or cases requiring physical examination and hands-on procedures. Telecounselings are typically used for general counseling, preventative care, interpreting test results, and monitoring conditions.

An in-person hospital visit is necessary in the following situations.

  • Emergencies: Life-threatening conditions or situations requiring urgent treatment.
  • Tests or procedures requiring physical examination: For diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, X-rays, or ultrasounds that necessitate physical contact.
  • Severe illnesses or serious symptoms: Conditions like heart attacks, severe difficulty breathing, or heavy bleeding.
  • Cases requiring physical evaluation and procedures: Surgical interventions, muscle or joint manipulations, blood transfusions, and other treatments that necessitate hands-on care.

OHKZ’s telecounseling platform employs security and encryption technologies to ensure the safe management of personal information. We have privacy protection policies in place, and we adhere to the principle of not sharing personal information with third parties.

OHKZ’s elecounseling offers convenience and accessibility. Patients can receive expert advice from OHKZ international consultants from the comfort of their homes or offices, reducing travel and waiting times. It allows for access to specialized medical services without geographical limitations and can lead to savings on medical expenses compared to visiting international hospitals.

Operating hours are determined based on the availability of both the patient and the OHKZ international consultant to provide tailored services.

Yes, after an online consultation with an OHKZ international consultant, prescriptions are issued at OHKZ Clinic and can be collected at a pharmacy of your choice or as per your request.