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Ophthalmology is a medical field that studies the eye, its physiology and diseases. The eyes are one of the most important sense organs, and vision plays an important role in our daily life and activities. Ophthalmologists are engaged in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of patients suffering from eye-related diseases.

Our ophthalmologists treat various eye diseases, among which the most common are cataracts, retinal pathologies, dry eyes, corneal diseases, uveitis, increased intraocular pressure and others. In addition, they conduct a vision check and prescribe glasses to correct vision problems.

We also provide treatment for various conditions, such as eye injuries, ophthalmic surgery and laser therapy. Eye injuries are eye injuries, and our specialists assess the degree of damage to the eye and offer appropriate treatment methods. Ophthalmological operations include the treatment of a variety of eye diseases, such as retinal pathology, cataracts, dry eyes and others. Laser therapy is used to treat pathologies of the cornea, retina and other diseases. Ophthalmologists use this method to stop the progression of the disease and improve eye health.

The Department of Ophthalmology ensures a high quality of life for patients by maintaining eye health, improving vision, preventing and treating diseases. It is important to regularly undergo consultations and examinations with an ophthalmologist, as well as timely identify and treat abnormalities in the early stages. Ophthalmologists use the latest technologies to provide patients with comfortable diagnosis and treatment.

Shintemirova Anar Askarovna

Patient appointments for children and adults / Eyeglass and contact lens prescription fitting / Correction of strabismus with prism eyeglass lenses / Perimetry, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, cycloscopy / Diagnosis and treatment of patients with anterior segment and retinal pathology, patients with cataracts, and glaucoma / Diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis