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Otolaryngology is a medical field specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the ear, throat, nose and bronchi. By providing accurate diagnosis and treatment of various otolaryngological diseases, we strive to provide patients with comfortable treatment and full-fledged rehabilitation. We provide the following services in the Department of Otolaryngology:

Diagnosis of diseases: We carry out an accurate diagnosis of various pathologies associated with the organs of the nose, throat, bronchi and ears. Sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, flu, pharyngitis, acute respiratory infections, ARVI, adenovirus infection – an otolaryngologist is engaged in the treatment of these and other ENT diseases. Using modern methods of medical diagnostics, we carry out an accurate assessment of the patient’s symptoms and promptly establish a diagnosis.

Diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions: Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms that affect the condition of the nasal area. In our otorhinolaryngological clinic, we perform allergodiagnostics using modern methods, including skin allergenic tests and blood tests. We provide effective allergy treatment and prevention.

Treatment of diseases of the nose and sinuses: We provide comprehensive treatment of diseases of the nose and sinuses, such as nasal congestion, nosebleeds and sinusitis. We use methods of drug therapy, surgical intervention using endoscopy, as well as sinus flushing procedures to improve the patient’s breathing and alleviate symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment of hearing: We diagnose and treat hearing-related diseases. We assess the state of hearing with the help of audiometric tests and provide treatment and care for diseases such as tinnitus, hearing loss, diseases of the external auditory canal and others.

Treatment of diseases of the vocal folds and larynx: We provide diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the vocal folds and larynx, such as dysfunction of the vocal cords, nodules on the vocal folds and others. Through the use of surgical methods and voice rehabilitation programs, we strive to improve voice functions and promote the health of the patient.

Our Otolaryngology department always puts the patient’s well-being first and strives to support the patient’s health through accurate diagnosis and treatment.