OHKZ Clinic provides accurate diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing healthcare services through skilled medical staff, advanced medical devices, and collaboration with Korea’s top hospitals.

Terms of Services

OPEN Healthcare Terms of Service

Chapter 1 General Provisions 

Article 1 (Purpose) 

The purpose of these terms of service is to regulate matters related to the use of internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided on the internet homepage/mobile web, app operated by OPEN Healthcare (hereinafter referred to as “OHKZ”). 

Article 2 (Definitions) 

  1. User (Member): Refers to the person who logs in to OHKZ’s internet homepage/mobile web, app and receives the Services provided by OHKZ in accordance with these terms. 
  2. User (Non-Member): Refers to the person who uses the Services provided by OHKZ without registering as a member. 
  3. Operator: Refers to the person selected by OHKZ for the overall management and smooth operation of the Services. 
  4. Linked Site: Refers to websites connected to the OHKZ homepage/mobile web, app through hyperlink method (hyperlinks may include text, images, and other elements). 
  5. Registration: Refers to the act of completing a service usage agreement by filling in the information required on the application form provided on OHKZ’s homepage/mobile web, app and agreeing to these terms. 
  6. Personal Information: Refers to information that can identify a specific individual based on the information included, such as name, ID, patient number, etc. (including cases where it can be easily identified by combining it with other information). 
  7. Termination: Refers to the act of canceling a usage agreement by the user after opening the Service. 

Article 3 (Publication and Amendment of the Terms) 

  1. OHKZ shall post the contents of these terms and the name, OHKZ’s location, email address, etc., on the homepage/mobile web, app so that users can know them. 
  2. Before users agree to these terms, OHKZ shall provide a separate connection screen or popup screen, etc., for important contents such as withdrawal, delivery responsibility, refund conditions, and ensure user confirmation. 
  3. OHKZ may amend these terms within the scope of not violating relevant laws and regulations if there are unavoidable circumstances. 
  4. When OHKZ revises the terms, it will notify users of the effective date and reason for the revision from 7 days before the effective date on the Service screen, along with the current terms. 
  5. Matters not specified in these terms and interpretation of these terms will follow relevant laws and customs. 

Article 4 (Content and Amendment of the Service) 

  1. OHKZ provides the following services
    • Information about OHKZ’s medical staff, clinic and examination schedules, health information, and result inquiries.
    • Various reservation services provided through OHKZ or linked sites.
    • Purchase of pharmaceuticals and promotion through OHKZ or linked sites.
    • Information provision and purchase contract of goods or services.
    • Delivery of goods or services for which a purchase contract has been concluded.
    • E-commerce intermediary service for transactions of goods and services, and related services.
    • Platform development and operation services.
    • Other services designated by OHKZ. 
  2. OHKZ may change the content of the provided services within the scope of not violating relevant laws and regulations. In this case, OHKZ shall notify users from 7 days before the effective date. 
  3. If OHKZ changes the content of the services provided in the contract due to reasons such as out-of-stock or changes in technical specifications, it will notify the user immediately to the address where the user can receive it. 
  4. OHKZ is not responsible for damages incurred by the user due to changes in the content of the services. 

Article 5 (Suspension of Service) 

  1. OHKZ may temporarily suspend the provision of services due to the need for maintenance, replacement, and malfunction of equipment or communication, interruption of communication, or other unavoidable reasons. 
  2. OHKZ is not liable for damages suffered by users or third parties due to temporary suspension of service provision. However, this does not apply to cases where OHKZ has willful misconduct or gross negligence. 
  3. In the event that it is impossible to provide the service due to the conversion of the business category, the abandonment of business, or the integration of companies, OHKZ will notify the user in accordance with Article 8 and compensate the consumer according to the original conditions specified by OHKZ. However, if OHKZ has not specified the compensation standard, it will be provided in-kind or in cash to the users, equivalent to the currency value used in OHKZ. 

Chapter 2 Membership Registration and Withdrawal 

Article 6 (Membership Registration) 

  1. A user may apply for membership registration by completing the required information in the format specified by OHKZ and indicating consent to this agreement. 
  2. OHKZ will register the user as a member, unless the user falls into any of the following categories: 
    • The applicant has previously lost membership status under Article 7, paragraph 2 of this agreement
    • The registration information contains false, omitted, or erroneous details. 
    • OHKZ deems that registering the user as a member would significantly impede OHKZ’s technological or business operations. 
    • The applicant is under 14 years old at the time of applying for membership. 
    • The applicant’s membership registration violates this agreement or is unlawful or unfair.
  3. The time of the formation of the membership registration agreement is when OHKZ approves the registration. 
  4. If there are changes to the registered information, the member must immediately notify OHKZ of these changes via email or other methods. 

Article 7 (Member Withdrawal and Loss of Qualifications) 

  1. A member may request withdrawal from OHKZ at any time, and OHKZ will promptly process the withdrawal request. However, the request for withdrawal must be made through the website or by phone, and the requester must provide their name, phone number, and reasons for withdrawal. 
  2. If a member falls into any of the following categories, OHKZ may terminate their membership: 
    • The applicant provided false information in the registration under Article 6, paragraph 2. 
    • The member disrupts the use of the service by others or steals their information. 
    • The member engages in the sale of unverified false information or other unauthorized items within OHKZ. 
    • The member, for the purpose of reselling products, purchases goods in large quantities, which significantly disrupts the normal course of trade. 
    • The member uses OHKZ for unauthorized medical practices or as a venue for promoting medical practices. 
    • The member habitually cancels, exchanges, or returns goods purchased through OHKZ without valid reasons, thus disrupting the company’s operations. 
    • The member interferes with the operation of the website/mobile web/app by altering the information provided within OHKZ. 
    • The member engages in actions prohibited by law and this agreement when using OHKZ’s services. 
    • The member violates this agreement.
    • The member has passed away. 
    • OHKZ deems it inappropriate to maintain the member’s qualifications for other reasons. 

Article 8 (Notification to Members) 

  1. When notifying a member, OHKZ may send the notification to the email address or phone number provided by the member. 
  2. For notifications to a large number of members, OHKZ may post the notification on a bulletin board unless individual notifications are necessary. However, for matters significantly affecting a member’s transactions, individual notifications will be made. 
  3. When notifying non-members, OHKZ may send the notification via email, SMS, or other means provided by the user, unless otherwise specified in this agreement. 

Article 9 (Application and Formation of Medical Appointments) 

  1. Users may apply for medical appointments through the website using the following methods: 
    A. Enter ID, password, examination voucher number, IIN (real-name authentication), passport number, and personal information (applicant, patient), mobile phone number, and email address.
    • Select a healthcare professional, department, and appointment date and time. 
    • Select a healthcare professional, department, and appointment date and time. 
    • Indicate consent to this agreement. 
  2. OHKZ will accept the appointment application unless the application falls under any of the following: 
    • False information or omissions in the application. 
    • OHKZ deems that accepting the appointment would significantly hinder their technological operations. 
  3. The formation time of the appointment agreement is when OHKZ sends an approval notice to the user. 

Article 10 (Purchase Application) 

  1. OHKZ users can apply for purchases using the following methods or similar methods provided by OHKZ. OHKZ must provide the following information in a clear and comprehensible manner to users when they make a purchase application: 
    • Search and selection of goods and services. 
    • Input of recipient’s name, address, phone number, email address (or mobile phone number), etc. 
    • Confirmation of contract terms, services with restricted withdrawal rights, delivery fees, installation charges, etc. 
    • Expression of consent to this agreement. 
    • Submission of purchase application and confirmation of its receipt. 
    • Selection of payment method. 
    • Other procedures as designated by OHKZ. 
  2. If OHKZ needs to provide the user’s personal information to third parties for the transaction, they must obtain the user’s consent when they make the purchase application. Consent will not be obtained during the user’s registration. OHKZ must specify the personal information to be provided, the recipient, the purpose of using the information, and the retention and use period to the user. However, in cases specified by laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., the company may not obtain separate consent. 

Article 11 (Formation of Contract) 

  1. OHKZ may not approve a user’s purchase application under the following circumstances. However, if a minor enters into a contract and fails to obtain the consent of their legal representative, the minor or their legal representative may cancel the contract: 
    • False information, omission, or error in the application details. 
    • Determined by OHKZ that accepting the application would significantly impede OHKZ’s technological operations. 
  2. The contract is deemed to be concluded at the time when the expression of acceptance of the offer for purchase is delivered to the user. 
  3. OHKZ’s acceptance notice must include information about the user’s purchase application, including confirmation of acceptance and the ability to make corrections or cancellations. 

Article 12 (Payment Method) 

The payment methods for goods and services purchased from OHKZ are as follows. OHKZ may not charge additional fees, including nominal fees, for goods or services paid for by the user with the payment methods below: 

  • Various forms of bank transfer such as phone banking, internet banking, mail banking. 
  • Various card payments, including prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards. 
  • Payment by electronic money. 
  • Payment by OHKZ’s provided points. 
  • Payment by company-recognized vouchers for products, gift certificates, etc. 
  • Payment by deposits or accumulated funds. 
  • Other electronic payment methods. 

Article 13 (Confirmation of Receipt and Amendment or Cancellation of Purchase Application) 

  1. Upon receiving a user’s purchase application, OHKZ will send a confirmation notice to the user. 
  2. Upon receipt of the confirmation notice, the user can immediately request changes or cancellations to the purchase application, and OHKZ must process the request according to the user’s instructions before delivery. However, the terms in Article 16 shall apply to cases where the user has already made a payment.  

Article 14 (Delivery of Goods) 

  1. Unless otherwise agreed upon separately with the user, OHKZ shall take necessary measures, including order processing, packaging, etc., to deliver the goods within 7 days from the day the user placed the order. However, if OHKZ has already received all or part of the payment for the goods, it shall take action within 3 business days from the day it received the payment. In cases where there is a separate agreement between the consumer and OHKZ regarding the timing of the supply of goods, this provision does not apply. In such cases, OHKZ shall take appropriate measures to allow the user to verify the process and progress of the supply of goods. 
  2. OHKZ shall specify the delivery method, party responsible for delivery costs by delivery method, and delivery period by delivery method for the goods purchased by the user. If OHKZ exceeds the agreed delivery period, it shall compensate the user for any resulting damages, except when OHKZ can prove that there was no intent or negligence on its part. 

Article 15 (Refund)

If OHKZ is unable to make delivery or provide the goods that the user has applied for due to reasons such as product unavailability, OHKZ shall promptly notify the user of such reasons. In cases where OHKZ has received the payment for the goods in advance, it shall refund the payment or take necessary actions for the refund within 3 business days from the date of payment. 

Article 16 (Cancellation of Subscription, etc.)

  1. Users who have entered into a contract with OHKZ for the purchase of goods may cancel the subscription within 7 days from the day they receive written information about the contents of the contract in accordance with Article 13, Paragraph 2 of the “Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.” If the supply of goods has been delayed compared to the day when the written information was received (except in cases where the supply of goods has been delayed beyond the day of supply of the goods), the user may cancel the subscription within 7 days from the day of supply or the start of the supply of goods. However, if there are different regulations in the “Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.” regarding cancellation of subscription, those regulations shall apply. 
  2. If the user has received the goods, they may not return or exchange the goods in the following cases: 
    • If the goods have been lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the user (except when the packaging has been damaged to check the contents of the goods). 
    • If the value of the goods has significantly decreased due to the use or partial consumption by the user. 
    • If the value of the goods has significantly decreased to the extent that resale is difficult due to the passage of time. 
    • If the packaging of the reproducible goods has been damaged. 
    • If the supply of digital content under Article 5 of the Basic Act on the Promotion of Cultural Industries has begun (except for cases where the contract is composed of partial services and digital content, and supply has not begun for the part that has not yet been provided). 
    • If OHKZ has informed the user in advance and obtained the user’s written consent, for goods produced separately according to the order. 
  3. If the user’s subscription is not restricted in cases specified in Paragraph 2, items 2 through 4, and OHKZ has not taken measures to make it easy for consumers to know about such restrictions, the user’s subscription is not restricted. 
  4. Notwithstanding Paragraphs 1 and 2, if the contents of the goods do not match the information or advertisement, or if they are not provided in accordance with the contract, the user may cancel the subscription within 3 months from the date of receipt of the goods or within 30 days from the date when the user could have known about it. 

Article 17 (Effects of Cancellation of Subscription, etc.)

  1. When OHKZ receives the returned goods from the user, it shall refund the payment for the goods already received within 3 business days. In cases where OHKZ delays the refund to the user, it shall calculate and pay the delayed interest, calculated by multiplying the delayed interest rate specified in Article 21, Paragraph 2 of the Enforcement Decree of the “Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.” 
  2. When refunding the amount, if the user has made a payment for the goods using a credit card or electronic money or other payment methods, OHKZ shall promptly request the business operator who provided the payment method to suspend or cancel the billing of the payment for the goods. 
  3. In cases of subscription cancellation, the user shall bear the costs necessary for the return of the goods received. OHKZ shall not charge a penalty or claim damages for cancellation of the subscription. However, if the user cancels the subscription because the contents of the goods do not match the information or advertisement, or if the goods have not been provided in accordance with the contract, OHKZ shall bear the costs necessary for the return of the goods. 
  4. If the user has borne the shipping costs for receiving the goods, OHKZ shall clearly indicate who is responsible for the cost when the user cancels the subscription. 
  5. If the returned goods have already been partially used or consumed by the user, the user may be charged an amount within the range specified in Article 24 of the Enforcement Decree of the “Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.,” which corresponds to the benefit obtained by the consumer or the costs incurred for the supply of the goods. 
  6. If a user has received mileage points as a result of purchasing a product, they must return them to OHKZ to cancel the subscription.

Article 18 (Operation of Mileage Points and Coupon System) 

  1. OHKZ may grant “OHKZ Mileage (alias)” to members based on the mileage point system. 
  2. “OHKZ Mileage” refers to what OHKZ provides to users as part of their transactions with OHKZ and can be used like cash when conducting transactions for goods and services. OHKZ refers to this system as the “OHKZ Mileage Point System (alias).” 
  3. The acquisition, use, and expiration of OHKZ Mileage points shall follow separate detailed usage guidelines.
  4. “Coupon” refers to a payment method that allows members to receive a discount from the amount they must pay. 
  5. If it is determined that the acquisition of OHKZ’s coupons and mileage points has been obtained by inappropriate or fraudulent means, they cannot be used. OHKZ may also take legal actions, including revoking or canceling coupons and points, deleting IDs, or other necessary measures in accordance with applicable laws. 
  6. Coupons and mileage points can be used in combination with other payment methods when purchasing goods. However, if OHKZ has previously notified that such usage is not possible, it cannot be used. 
  7. OHKZ may specify usage limits for coupons and mileage points according to its policies. 
  8. Coupons and mileage points can only be used for one’s own transactions and cannot be traded, transferred, or used by others. 
  9. Upon withdrawal of membership, coupons and mileage points shall be forfeited. 

Chapter 3 Personal Data Protection 

Complies with Separate Personal Data Protection Policy 

Chapter 4 Limitation of Responsibility for Services 

Article 19 (Health Counseling Services) 

  1. OHKZ will do its best to maintain security so that the contents of a user’s counseling are not disclosed to third parties, excluding medical professionals. However, OHKZ is not responsible if counseling contents are disclosed or damaged for the following reasons: 
    • In cases where the user’s password is leaked due to the user’s negligence. 
    • When the user directly deletes customer feedback or similar content posted by the user. 
    • Due to force majeure or other unavoidable circumstances. 
  2. To provide comprehensive and appropriate responses to user counseling requests, medical professionals may refer to counseling contents and responses. 
  3. The contents of counseling conducted in the service can be used for the following purposes in a form that does not identify specific individuals: 
    • OHKZ’s customer service quality evaluation materials. 
    • Parts of the service content, such as FAQs.
    • Compilation of statistics, scientific research, preservation of public records. 
    • Academic and scientific activities. 
  4. Counseling may be refused in the following cases: 
    • If the same counseling content is repeatedly requested. 
    • If counseling is requested using inappropriate expressions that violate common sense. 
    • If counseling related to medical treatment and diagnosis names is requested. 
    • If counseling is requested regarding treatment costs, examination fees, drug prices, etc
    • If users engage in verbal abuse or offensive behavior towards medical professionals. 
  5. The responses to counseling are subjective answers based on the medical knowledge of each specialist and cannot be considered as OHKZ’s official opinions. OHKZ assumes no responsibility for the counseling content. 

Article 20 (Health-Related Information Services) 

  1. Health-related information provided by OHKZ is general and approximate, and it does not represent the opinions of specific individuals. Under no circumstances can it replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. 
  2. OHKZ does not guarantee any specific tests, products, or treatment methods mentioned in health-related information services. 
  3. Health-related information provided by OHKZ is used entirely at the user’s discretion, and OHKZ assumes no responsibility for the provision of health-related information. 

Article 21 (Relationship between OHKZ and Linked Sites) 

OHKZ assumes no guarantee or responsibility for transactions conducted between users and connected sites through products, services, and services offered independently by linked sites. 

Chapter 5 Obligations of OHKZ and Users 

Article 22 (OHKZ’s Obligations) 

  1. OHKZ shall not engage in acts prohibited by laws, this Agreement, or contrary to public morals, and shall do its best to provide services continuously and stably in accordance with this Agreement.
  2. OHKZ takes technical security measures to secure the personal information, including user credit information, and manages it thoroughly to ensure the security of user information. 
  3. OHKZ contributes to the development of internet business by providing high-quality services through fair and sound operation and continuous research and development, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction. 
  4. If OHKZ violates the provisions of the “Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising” or conducts unfair labeling or advertising activities for products or services, resulting in user losses, OHKZ shall be responsible for compensating such losses. 
  5. OHKZ shall not send commercial electronic mails for profit-making purposes without the user’s consent. 

Article 23 (User’s Obligations for IIN and Password) 

  1. When using OHKZ’s online medical treatment for the first time, the user must use IIN (real-name authentication) for the first time. 
  2. The user is solely responsible for managing IIN (real-name authentication) and passwords. 
  3. The user must not allow third parties to use their IIN and password. 
  4. The user is responsible for any inadequacy in managing their IIN and password.
  5. If the user’s IIN and password are stolen or used by a third party, the user must immediately notify OHKZ and follow any instructions provided by OHKZ. 

Article 24 (User’s Obligations) 

  1. Users must not engage in the following activities: 
    • Registering false information during application or modification. 
    • Modifying information posted on OHKZ. 
    • Transmitting or posting information (including computer programs) other than the information specified by OHKZ. 
    • Infringing on copyrights and other intellectual property rights of OHKZ or third parties. 
    • Damaging the reputation of OHKZ or interfering with its business. 
    • Posting or revealing obscene or violent messages, images, audio, or other information that violates public morals on OHKZ. 
    • Conducting health treatment and counseling for other users or arranging such activities. 
    • Promoting the medical treatment practices of third parties. 
    • Selling or arranging the sale of products. 
    • Purchasing goods in bulk for the purpose of resale, disrupting the healthy trade order. 
    • Using another person’s name or card information to purchase goods or using such information to take advantage of OHKZ’s services. 
    • Using OHKZ’s services through abnormal means (including computer programs) or accessing the system by abnormal methods. 
    • Engaging in other actions deemed inappropriate. 
  2. If the information mentioned in each item of the previous clause or other information deemed inappropriate by OHKZ is posted on the homepage without the consent of the user or the information provider, OHKZ may delete the information or sever the link to the information on the homepage without the approval of the user or the information provider. However, OHKZ is not obliged to delete information or sever links in such cases. 

Chapter 6 Telecommunications Sales Intermediation 

Article 25 (Use of Telecommunications Sales Intermediation Service by Users) 

  1. OHKZ operates and manages the system for the free trade of products and services between users and merchants as a telecommunications sales intermediary. Therefore, users must confirm the detailed information and transaction conditions of the goods or services they wish to purchase from the merchants before applying for a purchase. Any loss or damage resulting from purchasing goods or services without accurately confirming their details and transaction conditions is the responsibility of the user. 
  2. Users must not express an intention to purchase or make a reservation for goods or services sold by merchants without the intention to purchase. They must also not obstruct the sale of goods or services by merchants or interfere with the purchasing opportunities of other users. 
  3. In the event that a user violates the provisions of Item 2, OHKZ may suspend the use of the telecommunications sales intermediation service, either partially or entirely, or arbitrarily terminate the user’s contract for the use of the telecommunications sales intermediation service. In such cases, the user shall bear any resulting losses. 
  4. Users must comply with this Agreement and the notices published on OHKZ’s service screen, and they shall be responsible for any losses or damages incurred due to violations of this Agreement or non-compliance with it. 
  5. When disputes arise during the trade procedure between users and merchants, users are obligated to sincerely participate in the dispute resolution process. If a user’s lack of sincerity results in losses or damages to the merchants or OHKZ, the user shall bear full responsibility. 
  6. When purchasing goods or services, users must use their own name’s payment method. Users must not use someone else’s payment method without authorization. Any losses or damages incurred by OHKZ, the merchants, or the owner of the payment method due to the unauthorized use of someone else’s payment method shall be the user’s responsibility. 
  7. Users are responsible for all matters related to the payment of the purchase price, and for all issues arising from the information provided by the user in relation to such payment. 
  8. OHKZ may verify whether the user has a valid authorization to use the payment method when the user makes a payment for the purchase price. OHKZ may suspend the progress of the transaction or cancel the transaction until this verification is completed. 
  9. OHKZ manages various equipment and data to ensure that the service is provided safely to users. OHKZ may also check if the service is being used in accordance with its intended purpose. If parts of the service are found to be in violation of the intended purpose, OHKZ may request clarification of the reasons and take necessary actions. 
  10. In cases where OHKZ provides reference product information and related content on the website through information received from merchants or third parties to enhance user service convenience, the user must make decisions based on their judgment and assume full responsibility for any purchase decisions. In such cases, OHKZ shall not be held responsible for the user’s purchase decisions. 
  11. If a minor user uses the service to purchase goods or services, a legal representative must provide consent for a valid purchase contract to be concluded. If a minor user purchases goods or services without the consent of a legal representative, the minor user or the legal representative may cancel the purchase. 

Article 26 (Delivery and Completion of Transactions) 

  1. In the case of disputes arising between the parties involved in transactions and delivery, such as merchants, users, and delivery companies, OHKZ does not get involved and assumes no responsibility. In such cases, the related parties must resolve the disputes directly. 
  2. OHKZ does not intervene in cases where a refund is requested due to product defects or other reasons occurring after a purchase decision has been made. 
  3. Any disputes arising after a purchase decision has been made between the merchant and the user must be resolved by the parties involved in the transaction. 
  4. If there is no expression of intent for a purchase, exchange, or return within the purchase decision period, OHKZ may consider the user’s intent for purchase decision to be expressed, and automatic purchase decision may be processed. 
  5. If a user has expressed an intent for a purchase decision or if an automatic purchase decision has been made, the user cannot raise objections to OHKZ regarding non-receipt of products, returns, or other issues. In such cases, the refund of the purchase price and the exchange of products and all related issues must be resolved directly with the merchant. 

 Article 27 (Withdrawal of Subscription, Etc.) 

  1. Users who have entered into a contract with merchants for the purchase of goods or services can withdraw their subscription within 7 days from the day when they received the written document containing the contract details or the day when they received the notice of receipt. However, if the supply of goods or services is delayed compared to the date of the receipt of the written document or notice of receipt, the withdrawal of the subscription can be made within 7 days from the date of receiving the goods or the date when the supply commenced. 
  2. If the buyer has received the goods or services, the following circumstances (1) prevent the buyer from returning or exchanging the product: 
    • The goods or services have been lost or damaged due to the buyer’s responsibility (unless the packaging has been damaged to check the contents). 
    • The value of the goods or services has significantly decreased due to the buyer’s use or partial consumption. 
    • The value of the goods or services has significantly decreased to the extent that it is difficult to resell them due to the passage of time. 
    • If the original product can be reproduced with products of the same performance, but the packaging of the original product is damaged. 
    • Other cases prescribed by presidential decree for the safety of transactions. 
    • In the case of the provision of digital content according to Article 5 of the Basic Act on the Promotion of the Cultural Industry (except in the case of a contract consisting of partial services or partial digital content). 
    • In the case of goods produced individually according to orders and separately notified by OHKZ with the user’s written (including electronic document) consent. 
  3. In cases (2) (2) to (4) of the preceding paragraph, the buyer’s subscription withdrawal is not restricted if OHKZ did not take measures to make it easy for the buyer to know in advance that the subscription withdrawal is restricted. 
  4. If the contents of the goods or services are different from the display or advertising contents or are not executed as stipulated in the contract, the buyer can withdraw the subscription within three days from the day when the goods or services were delivered, or within 30 days from the date when the facts were known. 
  5. When a buyer expresses the intention to exchange or return, OHKZ immediately notifies the merchant of this. 
  6. If a buyer applies for an exchange according to paragraph 1 or paragraph 3, but the merchant has no stock for the goods to be exchanged, the application for exchange is treated as a return. 
  7. The cost of delivery and other necessary expenses for return or exchange are borne by the party at fault. However, in the case of goods or services being defective or wrongly delivered, the merchant covers the cost. If the buyer has simply changed their mind, the buyer bears the cost.
  8. If a buyer has suffered losses due to delivery issues, the merchant is responsible for them.
  9. After receiving a notice of payment completion from the buyer, OHKZ can cancel the transaction and refund the purchase price to the buyer, even if the delivery process is not completed for a considerable period. 
  10. If the buyer does not return the goods or otherwise fails to respond within 14 days from the day the buyer applied for an exchange or return, the buyer’s application for exchange or return becomes invalid. 

Article 28 (Company’s Disclaimer) 

  1. OHKZ operates and manages a system for the free trade of goods and services between users and merchants as a telecommunications sales intermediary. However, OHKZ does not act as an agent for users or merchants, and the responsibility for transactions and information provided by users or merchants is borne directly by the respective users or merchants. 
  2. OHKZ does not guarantee or act as an agent for the content and transaction conditions of the goods registered by merchants. Users must be aware of this when purchasing goods. Therefore, users should take responsibility for their own purchases. 
  3. OHKZ does not guarantee any aspect of transactions, including the existence and authenticity of sales or purchase intentions, the quality, completeness, stability, legality, or non-infringement of registered goods, the authenticity or legality of information entered by users or merchants, or the truthfulness or legality of data posted on URLs linked to that information. All risks and responsibilities related to these matters are borne by the parties involved. 
  4. If OHKZ is unable to provide services due to force majeure or similar uncontrollable events, the related responsibility is exempted. 
  5. OHKZ is not responsible for service interruptions caused by the user’s fault. 

Chapter 7 Miscellaneous 

Article 29 (Ownership of Copyright and Usage Restrictions) 

  1. OHKZ holds the copyright and other intellectual property rights for the works it has created. 
  2. Without prior consent from OHKZ, users shall not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or employ any other means to use the information acquired through the website for profit or provide it to third parties. 

Article 30 (Dispute Resolution) 

  1. Except for matters stipulated in this agreement, disputes arising from service usage shall be resolved through amicable consultation to the greatest extent possible. 
  2. In case a user has complaints or wishes to express their opinions related to website usage, they may submit their complaints or opinions via email. 
  3. OHKZ shall handle the matters submitted by the user if it deems them reasonable. However, if expedient resolution is not feasible, the reasons and estimated timeline for resolution shall be promptly communicated to the user. 

Article 31 (Jurisdiction and Applicable Law) 

  1. Lawsuits related to disputes arising from the use of the services between OHKZ and the user shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court according to the Civil Procedure Act. 
  2. For electronic transaction lawsuits between OHKZ and the user, the laws of Kazakhstan shall apply.  

This agreement shall be effective from the [0th day] of the [month] in 2023.