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Shintemirova Anar Askarovna

Shintemirova Anar Askarovna

Doctor Anar Askarovna is proficient in clinical and instrumental methods for diagnosing eye pathology. She treats inflammatory eye diseases, retinal and optic nerve disorders, and vitreous body pathologies. She sees both children and adults. She has over 28 years of professional experience.

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    Shintemirova Anar Askarovna

    Medical Department



    Patient appointments for children and adults / Eyeglass and contact lens prescription fitting / Correction of strabismus with prism eyeglass lenses / Perimetry, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, cycloscopy / Diagnosis and treatment of patients with anterior segment and retinal pathology, patients with cataracts, and glaucoma / Diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis

    Pricing Policy

    Initial appointment 10 000 tg
    Return appointment 8 000 tg

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    For Saturday treatment, please contact the outpatient clinic directly.

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      • Weekday 8:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

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    • Graduated from Aktobe State Medical Institute, specializing in medicine.

    • Specializations in the latest laser technologies in ophthalmology, vascular pathology of visual organs, traumas of visual organs (in adults and children), myopia and other ametropias, professional pathology

    • Currently Gala Medical Center

    • Medical Center ‘Sana,’ Ophthalmologist

    • Republican Family Medical Center ‘Intertich’, Ophthalmologist

    • Medical Center ‘Dostar Plus – Dega Optics,’ Ophthalmologist

    • Central Military Clinical Hospital in Astana and Almaty, Ophthalmologist in the Specialized Surgery Department

    • Central District Hospital in the village of Chundzha, Ophthalmologist

    • Atyrau Railway Hospital, Ophthalmologist at the Eye Department

    • Advanced training on the course “Topical issues of professional pathology”

    • Advanced training on the course “Topical issues of ophthalmology”

    • Advanced training on the course “The latest laser technologies in ophthalmology”

    • Advanced training on the course “Ultrasound examination of eye diseases”

    • Advanced training on the course “Myopia and other ammetropias”

    • Advanced training on the course “Traumas of the organ of vision, including in children”

    • Advanced training on the course “Vascular pathology of the visual organ”

    • Diagnostic examination of patients (selection of optical and contact correction, viscometry, tonometry (pneumatic and ‘Maklakov’ tonometry), biomicroscopy, gonioscopy, cycloscopy, ophthalmoscopy).

    • Determination of the patient’s tactics and treatment regimen

    • Dynamic monitoring

    • Conservative treatment of eye diseases

    • Preoperative and postoperative patient management

    • All types of injection