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Bloodshot eyes (Redness of the eyes)


Redness of the eyes is a condition in which the whites of the eyes look red due to the expansion or proliferation of blood vessels in the conjunctiva, a transparent shell located above the sclera, against its white background.

If this kind of redness of the eyes occurs, an accurate diagnosis of the cause should be carried out and appropriate treatment should be prescribed immediately. Simply eliminating redness of the eyes without taking into account its source is impractical.

Redness of the eyes indicates the expansion or manifestation of symptoms of conjunctival blood vessels. There are two main factors contributing to the development of these symptoms: infectious and inflammatory diseases, as well as insufficient oxygen supply to the conjunctiva. Other possible causes include prolonged contact lens wear, eye injuries, or subconjunctival hemorrhages.


Redness of the sclera of the eye.


To identify the cause of redness of the eyes, it is necessary to analyze the patient’s anamnesis and evaluate concomitant diseases. The causal disease can be detected through a comprehensive physical examination, for example, examination with a slit lamp, measurement of visual acuity and intraocular pressure, as well as examination of the fundus after mydriasis. In case of suspicion of uveitis or glaucoma, additional studies may be prescribed, for example, a blood test or chest X-ray, in order to detect immune or infectious diseases.

Treatment and course of the disease

Treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of redness of the eyes. In the case of infectious conjunctivitis, including viral, eye drops containing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. For allergic conjunctivitis, antiallergic eye drops and oral antihistamines are used. If the redness is caused by acute glaucoma, then intraocular pressure can be reduced with the help of laser treatment or drugs that reduce intraocular pressure. Using medications simply to relieve nasal congestion without a doctor’s appointment can actually worsen the underlying disease.

If the redness of the eyes is associated with insufficient oxygen supply to the surface of the eye due to prolonged wearing of contact lenses, it is necessary to stop using contact lenses. In the case of a subconjunctival hemorrhage, it usually goes away by itself when monitoring the condition. If the causes are dry eye syndrome and blepharitis, you can improve the situation by using warm compresses on the eyelids or artificial tears.

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